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in healthcare
Leading the way
in establishing a new model
to shop for surgery.
Go into surgery with confidence.
Convenient and quality care.
Upfront pricing.

Surgery Center Network has saved employers over


A lower-cost alternative to in-hospital surgery.

With a dedication to cost transparency, Surgery Center NetworkTM delivers the solution to the growing problem of rising, unpredictable healthcare costs. 

Upfront prices. No hidden fees or surprises.

In just minutes you can search by specialty, location, and price to determine the right provider for you and get scheduled at a pre-screened, quality Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC).

Putting control in the hands of patients and employers.

Surgery Center Network has created a medical marketplace where patients and employers can choose providers and the most convenient surgery center regardless of insurance type. Partner ASCs and surgical hospitals report superior outcomes, a better safety record and higher quality compared to traditional acute-care hospitals. Additionally, the personalized experience and intimate ASC environment can be attractive to many patients.


A medical marketplace that delivers 70-85% savings.

As compared to having an outpatient procedure done in a hospital, going to an ASC for outpatient surgery can result in substantial savings plus many other benefits. You’ll know exactly what you’re responsible to pay before the procedure. 

No Surprises Guarantee

Check out what others have saved on their procedures, and then get started booking your outpatient surgery today!

*Your surgical costs may vary based on your specific procedure and location. These figures are estimates based on historical savings of SCN patients as compared to hospital and managed care costs. These figures are to be used for illustration purposes only.

Average Savings of Procedures
Booked Through Surgery Center Network*

Hospital Cost
Managed Care Cost
Surgery Center Network Cost
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Total Surgery Center Network Savings: $26,910